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Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

anime movie sword art online

Manga Entertainment released the first collection on BD/DVD within the United Kingdom in December 2013, while Madman Entertainment launched the sequence in Australia and the English-language model started airing on ABC3 on June 7, 2014. Sword Art Online has been available on Netflix in North America since March 15, 2014. is a 2017 Japanese animated science fiction action journey film based mostly on the Sword Art Online light novel collection written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. The movie is produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tomohiko Itō, and is an official a part of the Sword Art Online storyline, that includes an original story by Kawahara, character designs by Shingo Adachi and music by Yuki Kajiura.


At Katsucon, it was introduced that the English dub of the second season would air on Toonami starting March 28, 2015. An anime adaptation of Sword Art Online was announced at Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2011, along with Reki Kawahara’s other mild novel collection, Accel World. The anime is produced by Aniplex and Genco, animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tomohiko Ito with music by Yuki Kajiura.

Then, Boss Monsters of an older game, 《 Sword Art Online (SAO), 》 began appearing at several locations in Tokyo, like Akihabara, Yoyogi Park, and so forth. This was part of a conspiracy aimed toward those that had returned from SAO, and it now involved Kirito and the buddies as well. Rebecca Silverman of Anime News Network has criticized the series as having pacing problems, logical gaps and “sloppy writing”. Theron Martin of Anime News Network criticized the story as struggling “to realize and maintain the extent of gravitas that life-or-dying danger ought to have”, while calling it unwilling to decide to Kirito’s “lone wolf” picture. DeviceCritique explained that Sword Art Online influences the digital actuality market to grow, and referenced the Oculus Rift as a prime example of the starting point of virtual reality.

The anime aired on Tokyo MX, tvk, TV Saitama, TV Aichi, RKB, HBC and MBS between July 7 and December 22, 2012, and on AT-X, Chiba TV and BS11 at later dates. is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. The collection takes place in the close to future and focuses on protagonist Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki as they play by way of varied virtual reality MMORPG worlds. Kawahara initially wrote the sequence as an online novel on his web site from 2002 to 2008.

The game was released in both regular and limited version field sets on March 14, 2013. and illustrated by Hazuki Tsubasa, began serialization in the May 2012 problem of Dengeki Bunko Magazine.

At the tip of the particular, the anime television sequence was confirmed for a second season, titled Sword Art Online II, which premiered on July 5, 2014. The first 14 episodes of the second season are an adaptation of volumes 5 and six the sunshine novels that cowl the Phantom Bullet arc. Episodes 15 to 17 cover the Calibur arc from volume eight of the novels, with episodes 18 to 24 covering quantity 7 of the novels, the Mother’s Rosario arc. Premiere screening occasions of the second season had been held in the United States, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan earlier than the television premiere between June 29 and July 4, 2014.

Madman Entertainment additionally launched the film at theaters in Australia and New Zealand on March 9, 2017. Aniplex of America released the movie at theaters in Canada between March 17 and March 19, 2017. The English dub premiered at Anime Boston 2017, with a nationwide launch on April 22.

It was launched in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Germany on February 18, 2017, in Mexico on March 4, 2017, and within the United States on March 9, 2017. The events of the movie take place between the second and third seasons of the Sword Art Online anime collection. Based on a mega hit Japanese novel that sold over 19 million copies worldwide, Sword Art Online is one of the most popular action/fantasy anime series. In this characteristic movie, followers of the Sword Art Online franchise can experience a model new journey with Kirito, Asuna, and more fan-favourite characters. Two years after the SAO incident, the place players have been held captive inside the large on-line position-enjoying recreation until they completed all a hundred ranges, a brand new Augmented-Reality MMORPG, “Ordinal Scale” grew to become an instant hit on the market.

In the real world, Kazuto discovers that 300 SAO gamers, including Asuna, stay trapped in their NerveGear. As he goes to the hospital to see Asuna, he meets Asuna’s father Shouzou Yuuki who is requested by an affiliate of his, Nobuyuki Sugou, to make a decision, which Sugou later reveals to be his marriage with Asuna, angering Kazuto. Several months later, he’s informed by Agil, another SAO survivor, that a determine just like Asuna was noticed on “The World Tree” in one other VRMMORPG our on-line world called Alfheim Online (ALO).

The creator has additionally created some other dōjinshi including Lisbeth Edition, Silica Edition and Pina Edition underneath cooperation with Kurusu Tatsuya from It is reported that these dōjinshi achieve traction from the involvement of the original writer in its creation course of, in addition to from supplying extra details on characters from the original work. In 2022, a virtual actuality massively multiplayer online function-enjoying game (VRMMORPG) known as Sword Art Online (SAO) is released. With the NerveGear, a helmet that stimulates the consumer’s 5 senses via their brain, gamers can experience and control their in-sport characters with their minds.

  • At the tip of the special, the anime tv collection was confirmed for a second season, titled Sword Art Online II, which premiered on July 5, 2014.
  • Episodes 15 to 17 cowl the Calibur arc from volume eight of the novels, with episodes 18 to 24 overlaying volume 7 of the novels, the Mother’s Rosario arc.
  • The first 14 episodes of the second season are an adaptation of volumes five and 6 the sunshine novels that cowl the Phantom Bullet arc.
  • An anime adaptation of Sword Art Online was introduced at Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2011, together with Reki Kawahara’s other light novel collection, Accel World.

The light novels started publication on ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Bunko imprint from April 10, 2009, with a spin-off series launching in October 2012. The collection has spawned nine manga diversifications printed by ASCII Media Works and Kadokawa. The novels and seven of the manga variations have been licensed for launch in North America by Yen Press. The anime has been licensed in North America by Aniplex of America and an English-language dub premiered on Adult Swim’s Toonami from July 27, 2013 to February 15, 2014. The series was launched by Aniplex of America in four DVD and Blu-ray units, with special extras on the BD units, between August thirteen and November 19, 2013.

The goal is to create the right mind-management for financial achieve and to subjugate Asuna, whom he intends to marry in the true world, to assume management of her family’s company. Kirito eventually stops the experiment and rescues the remaining 300 SAO players, foiling Sugou’s plans. Kazuto eventually reunites with Asuna in the real world and The Seed is launched onto the Internet, reviving Aincrad as other VRMMORPGs begin to thrive. The Sword Art Online History Chart bundled with the May 2014 edition of Dengeki Bunko Magazine. On June 12, 2015, the now-inactive Chinese Ministry of Culture listed Sword Art Online II among 38 anime and manga titles banned in China.

Over time, he added three additional main arcs and a number of other brief tales, which like the first arc Aincrad, were later adapted into the light novels. In 2008, he participated within the competitors once more by writing Accel World, this time winning the Grand Prize. Aside from Accel World, he was requested to get his earlier work, Sword Art Online, revealed by ASCII Media Works.

The first volume of Fairy Dance was released on October 27, 2012; the third quantity was launched on June 27, 2014. The Aincrad and Fairy Dance manga have been acquired for launch in North America by Yen Press. There was a premiere event in the United States on March 1, 2017; Eleven Arts distributed and released the film in U.S. theaters on March 9, 2017.

It additionally praised Sword Art Online for exploring the psychological and social aspects of digital actuality gaming. Yuki Kajiura composed the soundtrack for the Sword Art Online anime, which was later launched in the restricted version of the anime’s fourth and seventh Blu-ray and DVD volumes. The first quantity of the second season’s soundtrack was bundled with the restricted version of the season’s third and seventh Blu-ray and DVD volumes.

Kirito makes a cameo look within the eighth episode of the anime series Eromanga Sensei, with Yoshitsugu Matsuoka reprising his function. An 80-web page assemblage of some of the Material Edition volumes was printed on February 13, 2011; the most recent release is Material Edition volume 25 on November 23, 2017.

Players soon understand that the line between digital and reality is blurring and their worst nightmares are coming true. Kirito is about to hitch Asuna and associates to explore the world of “Ordinal Scale” however they’ll rapidly discover out that it isn’t all fun and video games. Skydance TelevisionDistributorNetflixSword Art Online is a planned American reside-action television adaptation of Sword Art Online. Skydance Television announced on August 2, 2016, that they had acquired the worldwide rights to produce a stay-action tv adaptation of Reki Kawahara’s Sword Art Online mild novel collection.

The anime series has acquired combined to constructive critiques, with praise for its animation, musical rating and exploration of the psychological features of digital actuality, but criticisms for its pacing and writing. Steven Spielberg’s 2018 film Ready Player One accommodates a reference to Sword Art Online. It has also been famous that the Phantom Bullet (Gun Gale Online) arc released in print in 2010 depicts an early fictional battle royale game called Bullet of Bullets. , however refrained from submitting it as he had exceeded the page limit; he as a substitute published it as a web novel under the pseudonym Fumio Kunori.

The mild novel series spans a number of virtual reality worlds, starting with the sport, Sword Art Online (SAO), which is ready in a world known as Aincrad. Sword Art Online has acquired widespread business success, with the light novels having over 20 million copies bought worldwide. The light novel sequence had good critiques, primarily on later arcs, whereas different sequence like Progressive had been praised for the reason that beginning.

Anime Limited brought the film to cinemas within the United Kingdom and Ireland on April 19, 2017. In the yr 2026, a next-generation wearable gadget named 《 Augma 》 went on sale, that includes the maximum AR functionality. Together with the device, an ARMMO RPG titled 《 Ordinal Scale (OS), 》 a sport devoted to Augma, grew to become an explosive hot seller. Asuna and friends started taking part in it, and now Kirito, at Asuna’s suggestion, joined them.

Laeta Kalogridis has been connected to write down a script for the pilot, and will also function govt producer for the series alongside Skydance CEO David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Marcy Ross. Skydance has stated their intent to “quick-monitor” the launch of the collection, along with plans to comply with the TV sequence with the release of a Sword Art Online digital reality experience. In February 2018, it was reported that the reside-action collection had been offered to Netflix.