maragadha naanayam 2017 tamil full movie watch online free


Maragadha Naanayam

maragadha naanayam 2017 tamil full movie watch online free

Maragadha Naanayam (

He tells them that they must return the stone to the King’s grave to raise the curse. On the way in which to the gravesite, they’re pursued by each the thriller lorry and Ramanathan’s gang, who are hell bent on taking the stone from them. Before they will return the stone, Ramanathan’s gang reveals up.

They discover the person who made the fake, who’s now on his deathbed. Before he dies, the person gives them clues to who ordered the faux medallion – a neighborhood doctor named Krishnan (Gajaraj) who happens to be one of many men killed by the curse. Before they will get him to tell them the place the original medallion is, they are caught by Ramanathan’s henchmen and are taken to his torture chamber. They manage to flee the torturers and ultimately find the original medallion. Despite Chidambaram’s warning, Senguttuvan and Elango touch the stone and are thereby cursed.

Senguttavan makes a take care of Ramanathan that after he locations the stone in the King’s grave, he can take it, to which he agrees. Senguttuvan and Elango place the stone in the grave and are due to this fact launched from the curse.

They prepare for a gathering with John and the Chinese businessman for the exchange, but on the way in which, they’re pursued by the mysterious driverless lorry. John and the Chinese businessman are run over by the lorry and killed. Senguttuvan manages to elude the lorry initially and recuperate the suitcase full of cash. They then run into the Tamil instructor, who is within the beggar’s physique.

Maragadha Naanayam is; Fantasy, Mystery & Thriller, Romance movie. Directed by ARK Saravanan, and starring Aadhi Pinisetty, Nikki Galrani, Anandaraj, Ramdoss, Brahmanandam, Daniel Annie Pope, Sangili Murugan, Arunraja Kamaraj, Mime Gopi, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Kaali Venkat, and M.

The audio was initially slated to release on 19 January 2017, but postponed because of the upcoming Jallikattu protests. Kota Srinivasa Rao because the priest who helps shield Senguttuvan and Elango from their curse. Mime Gopi as John, the vendor who offers with all smugglers to take Maragatha Naanayam after collaborating with a Chinese businessman, although they both get killed later.

Having accomplished the job, Senguttuvan and Elango bid goodbye to the four ghosts, who launch themselves from the occupied bodies. The ghost occupying Chanakya’s physique permits an emotional Senguttavan to hear eventually the voice of Chanakya and likewise a declaration of love from her.

  • Following an initial lead, they interrogate Pandurangan (M. S. Bhaskar) whereas posing because the henchmen of a robust native gang leader “Twinkle” Ramanathan (Anandaraj).
  • This leads them to recuperate an emerald medallion, which turns out to be a faux.
  • They discover the man who made the pretend, who is now on his deathbed.
  • Senguttuvan, Elango, and the three ghosts, now in their borrowed our bodies, pursue the emerald stone.
  • He beforehand rejected the idea of pursuing the stone however changes his mind.

Senguttuvan, Elango, and the three ghosts, now in their borrowed our bodies, pursue the emerald stone. Following an initial lead, they interrogate Pandurangan (M. S. Bhaskar) while posing as the henchmen of a strong local gang chief “Twinkle” Ramanathan (Anandaraj). This leads them to get well an emerald medallion, which turns out to be a fake. He previously rejected the concept of pursuing the stone but modifications his thoughts. After realizing that they recovered a replica, the group continues to piece clues collectively.

Who one touch the stone will be killed by Irumarazan, because of that each rejects the job to take the inexperienced stone business. By the assistance of an astronomer he finds a way to take the stone by calling a spirit who died from the stone for assist. Aadhi as Senguttuvan, a small-time crook who works under his pal’s boss Ramdoss and needs to find Maragatha Naanayam. Baradwaj Rangan of Film Companion wrote “The most welcome surprise in Maragatha Naanayam is that it isn’t just a assortment of gags and scares, which is all this genre really needs”. Music of the film was released on 15 March 2017, by way of Lahari Music.

Only Senguttavan, who is pissed off at the small-time work he’s doing underneath Ramdoss, is fascinated in the supply as he desires to involve himself in one thing huge and difficult. Elango convinces Senguttuvan to approach a neighborhood priest (Kota Srinivasa Rao) who could defend them from the curse. The priest arms Senguttavan and Elango a lemon, at which point the ghosts of the 132 individuals killed by the curse are revealed to them.

Chanakya finally gets married, however her husband doesn’t treat her nicely and physically and verbally abuses her in public. The story tells a few diamond(Green Emerald) molded with golden metal and looks as if a coin referred to as “Maragadha Naanayam”. The stone was given by a Goddess to a king for his penance for her to make him strengthen to fought against the enemies. Till 1990 nobody tried to take the stone because of concern for the king’s spirit, In 1990 somebody took it from the tomb but is dies with ‘coz of the evil spirit of the king called “Irumbarazan”. The hero takes the job to take Maragadha Naanayam from a small Don for 100 million rupees coz that he wants four million ruppes for his legal responsibility.

The priest tells them that if they’re going to pursue the stone, they will need to search the help of one of many ghosts. During the credit, while Senguttavan and Elango are boarding a bus to return house, they bump into Ramanathan once more, who is now on the run. He tells them as his henchman had touched the stone, he and his gang have been pursued by the mysterious lorry and his henchman was killed, whereas he barely managed to flee. Senguttuvan (Aadhi) and Elango (Daniel Annie Pope) are two small-time crooks who work for a neighborhood jewel smuggler named “Nochukuppam” Ramdoss (Ramdoss). Senguttavan is drawn to a young woman Chanakya (Nikki Galrani) whom he sees each morning at the bus cease, nevertheless he never manages to talk to her.

Maragadha Naanayam Movie Summary

After Senguttavan and Elango bid a tearful farewell to Chidambaram, all four bodies are laid to relaxation. 10,00,00,000 for the contract, but no one is prepared to do the job as they are afraid of the curse.

Anandaraj as “Twinkle” Ramanathan, the number one smuggler in Chennai who wants to get well Maragatha Naanayam. Check out the Indian motion pictures with the very best scores from IMDb users, as well as the films that are trending in actual time. The “Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows” widget tracks the actual-time reputation of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are presently generating the best number of pageviews on IMDb.