watch impractical jokers the movie online


Impractical Jokers: The Movie

watch impractical jokers the movie online

Not Safe For Work – Murr has to pose nude for a group of painters. Art Attack – Murr needed to explain 3 items of art made by the other jokers. Supercuts – Technically a four-means tie where the Jokers needed to give one another humorous haircuts. Murr’s head was fully shaven, aside from a little tuft on the front left behind.

In order to decide who will be left out, they decide to road trip to Miami using Q’s 1986 Ford LTD Crown Victoria. whereas competing with each other in hidden-camera challenges; the one who loses is not going to get a ticket. From locking Sal in a motel room with a chained tiger, to Q’s automobile being stolen by the others forcing him to should journey a horse, they journey the east coast doing quite a few challenges. However, in Georgia, after a few challenges, Joe, Q, & Murr wish to give up and turn back house, but Sal disagrees and reminds them that they’ve to finish what they began.

Every time Jake wins a question that Murr answers incorrectly, he will get to choose an item from Murr’s apartment for himself to keep, and the sport is over when Murr beats Jake 3 times. The Marathon Man – Murr has to compete in a “Murr-athon”, where he has to run across the complete brooklyn bridge whereas getting splashed with freezing cold water. Three Men And Your Baby – Murr, Sal, and Q are forced to pitch their very own TV show called “3 Men and Your Baby”. The Butt of the Joker – Murr has to take cigarettes away from random people who smoke and may’t cease until he steals a pack of cigarettes from a smoker.

This results in Abdul recognizing them from after they crashed her live performance 25 years in the past. The subsequent day, Joe tells the jokers that he obtained provided to be a hype man for Abdul’s tour, which he turned down.

Human Pinata – Murr became a human pinata and getting whacked with sticks by a bunch of little children, the other Jokers, after which lastly, Joe’s brother-in-law, until sweet fell out. It’s Electric – Murr has to do the Electric Slide round a bunch of men which might be bare. Hell on Wheels – Murr is pressured to take out some roller derby professionals and for every lap that he doesn’t take someone out, the guys send a humiliating e-mail on his Gmail account that he can not apologize for. Dropping Knowledge – Murr is pressured to compete in slightly trivia sport present towards a kid, Jake, based on Are You Smarter than a fifth Grader?.

Since Murr ended up sneaking into Abdul’s celebration, led him to be subjected to a different punishment arrange by the others. Sal, Joe, and Q journey on a non-public jet back to Staten Island, while Murr rides harnessed to the top wing of a Boeing-Stearman Model seventy five. 7.4Four jokers, Brian Quinn (Q), Joseph Gatto (Joe), James Murray (Murr) and Sal Vulcano (Sal), have a lifelong aim to embarrass each other each time potential. Well-recognized by the general public, they obtain an invite to a Miami celebration hosted by Paula Abdul. In 1992, the Jokers handled a highschool incident that was humiliating.

Impractical Jokers: The Movie

The Prize Fighter – Murr poses as a carny, who can’t give individuals their prizes after successful a carnival recreation which was rigged so everybody can win. Like a Boss – Murr poses as a brand new rent for tumblr however has to interrupt a gathering at the firm’s headquarter. Pulling the Rug – Murr poses as a waiter, however he has to search out and pull off somebody’s wig.


Training Day – Murr, Joe, and Sal all needed to undergo a hearth academy. On his method down, he encounters Sloppy Joe, Fat Crow, and Dr. Frank Contacessa. Centaur of Attention – Murr walks five miles to his home whereas carrying his centaur costume, not knowing that the other jokers had been looking for him. HellCopter – Murr and Sal’s punishment first started off with footrace based on a guess that Murr would beat Sal in a race even if he had a “fatsuit” on.

And along with that, he additionally had to get a brand new passport photo, which may also expire in 10 years. Tied and Feathered – Murr is forced any punishments the other jokers ship to him while chained to a park bench. A Legendary Fail – Murr has to open for Legends in Concert, however the other jokers take management of what comes out of microphone. The Permanent Punishment – Murr, Sal, and Q needed to get embarrassing tattoos chosen by Joe. Joe Gatto — who’s one fourth of the truTV hidden-digicam showImpractical Jokers— has the most effective pals a guy could ask for.

  • Lady and the Tramp – Murr has to pose because the Statue of Liberty as a shock punishment after considering he and the opposite jokers were going to film a challenge.
  • Several challenges filmed afterward show the progression of Murr’s hair regrowth.
  • However, shortly after Paula left, the group realized she gave them solely three tickets instead of four, meaning that one person won’t be able to go.
  • She admits that she is a huge fan of the present, and invitations them to a celebration in Miami.
  • Fraudway – Murr poses as a cameraman for Yanni and must do and say what he is advised by the opposite jokers.

Nitro Circus Spectacular – Murr misplaced the regular challenges, so for his punishment, be grew to become an impediment for the professional bike riders to leap over Murr on the Nitro Circus observe. Hopeless and Changeless – Murr poses as a snack vendor, but cannot give anyone change.

Joe takes a minute to discuss the tour and convince us he’s probably not a crazy individual, he just performs one on TV. They compete in one last challenge along the way in which, and once they arrive in Miami, Murr finally ends up being the loser. As a outcome, he stays behind on the hotel while the others go to the get together, till Murr decides to sneak into the show using the identical security disguise.

Lady and the Tramp – Murr has to pose because the Statue of Liberty as a shock punishment after considering he and the opposite jokers were going to film a problem. Several challenges filmed afterward present the progression of Murr’s hair regrowth.

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The rest of them then agree with Sal and continued the trek to Miami. Speech Impediment – Murr is pressured to say a speech at Yonkers City Hall, however each time the opposite jokers say “line”, Murr has to grab and read a blue card.

Stripteased – Murr poses as a stripper, except he’s injected with histamines by the the identical physician who gave him a public prostate exam two seasons back. The Q-Pay – Murr has to put on a wig made out of Q’s hair for the rest of the season.

Eventually, Murr lost and because the result, he had to sit on the aspect of the helicopter together with his toes going through out. Doomed – 3 months ago, Murr had to shave all his chest hair except for 2 circles around his nipples. However, what Murr doesn’t know is that his actual punishment has nothing to do along with his nipples. Murr will get chained up, and has to watch his childhood blanket be burned.

The guys bring out another blanket, saying the one which was burned was probably not his blanket, however Joe tosses it into the fire as nicely. However he later revealed on Twitter that the 2 blankets burned in the episode were fakes, and that he was relieved to seek out his actual blanket was secure in his room. Kill the Centaur – Murr has to hold up number playing cards to show the time that has handed during a boxing match while carrying awkward outfits.

Fraudway – Murr poses as a cameraman for Yanni and must do and say what he is told by the opposite jokers. 25 years later, the group becomes well-known celebrities because of their TV present, Impractical Jokers, and handle to run into Abdul at a Red Lobster. She admits that she is a large fan of the show, and invitations them to a celebration in Miami. However, shortly after Paula left, the group realized she gave them only three tickets as an alternative of four, which means that one individual will not be able to go.

With this party invitation, they see a possibility to find out if they can right previous mistakes whereas taking a road trip to Miami. They merely need to compete against one another throughout 10 distinctive challenges to find out who will win the tickets. Toll Booth Corrector – Murr poses as a gatekeeper, however he has to do ridiculous tasks before he may let anyone out.

Clash of the Jokers – It was an unofficial punishment the place Joe posed as king, Murr was his throne, Q needed to fan him, and Sal had to feed him grapes. Look Out Below – Murr thought him and the opposite jokers were gonna do a problem teaching others tips on how to jump out of planes, but in actuality, he has to face his biggest concern, and go skydiving. The Alliance – Murr, Joe, and Sal all have to leap off a cliff except they will reply questions about Q’s life.

Cruisin’ For A Brusin’ – Murr should give a speech created by the opposite jokers while posing because the ship’s “Master of Ceremonies”. Below the Belt – As Murr gives a presentation about climate change, the opposite jokers take turns going under the podium and doing embarrassing issues to the decrease half of Murr’s physique. Puncture Perfect – Murr needed to get piercings from the “Wheel of Piercings” till he obtained three questions proper about the different jokers. He ended up getting each of his nipples and his stomach button pierced. The other three later bought his shirt and made him stroll the streets of New York City bare-chested.